February 15, 2012
Berlioz/Liszt: Marche du supplice from Symphonie Fantastique 2012.02.14 @Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh, PA
From the Top was at Carnegie Music Hall to tape a show commemorating Carnegie-Mellon University's School of Music's 100th anniversary.
At the break, I played the Gallow's March movement. looking forward to recording the whole Symphonie, Prelude & Liebestod and the Don Juan Fantasy for my Liszt record, sessions in mid-March at the home of Peter and Cathy Halstead in the mountains of Edwards, CO. particularly thrill;ed that helming the sessions will be the recently crowned Producer of the Year at the 2012 Grammys, Judith Sherman.
download the live mp3 HERE

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February 05, 2012
2012.02.04@Jordan Hall, Boston: Wagner/Liszt/Moszkowski/O'Riley: Prelude & Liebestod from Tristan und Isolde
during last night's From The Top taping, returning to Jordan Hall, the show's broadcast home, i performed as the evening's break piece the Prelude & Liebestod from Richard Wagner's opera, Tristan und Isolde. the arrangement was a mash-up of those by Franz Liszt and Moritz Moszkowski, with some amendment (including reinstating the climactic vocal line at the scene's end) of my own.
free mp3 download HERE

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January 16, 2012
les fleurs lunaire, inspired by jon hassell's 'last night the moon came and dropped its clothes in the street' 2012.01.15 @Dalton Center, WMU, Kalamazoo, MI
we did a From The Top taping yesterday at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo yesterday afternoon. download the live concert mp3 HERE

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January 06, 2012
new piece inspired by jon hassell's 'last night the moon came and dropped its clothes in the street'
had a great time at Yoshi's in San Francisco last night with Matt Haimovitz on our Shuffle.Play.Listen tour.
premiered an as-yet nameless piece for solo piano inspired by longtime idol, Jon Hassell's "Last Night The Moon Came And Dropped Its Clothes In The Street', specifically by his performance of the piece in Lausanne a couple of years ago. His latest eponymously titled ECM album is exquisite, as is all Jon's work.
Matt and I devised a few new seemless moments, last night's solo piece segued into our Scene d'amour from Bernard Herrmann's Vertigo score. As the WAV recorder i used for this recording was basically just sitting inside the piano in front of me, Matt's sound necessarily gets lost unless he's playing (as he does in the opening of Scene) solo. Hence, I've only left in a brief segment of the Vertigo piece.
download the live mp3 HERE

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October 26, 2011
Prelude, Variation & Hymn "Time Of My Time"
Kris Saknussemm's new novel of the road and redemption, REVEREND AMERICA comes out soon. Kris is not only a brilliant writer, but also one of the most passionate lovers of all sorts of music  I know. He asked me to preview the book, and consider writing some music inspired by it. (No one'd ever asked me to write anything original before). I told him I'd never done such a thing, but with the author's direction, especially one so musically articulate as Kris, one would have to be an idiot NOT to be able to write something.
There are lonely sounds that weave through the narrative; i was most affected by the distant locomotive horns and the plaintive harmonica of Hoptree, the hero's most antiquated of his entourage. I used as the harmonic framework and material the sound of a few dutifully transcribed and particularly affecting locomotive horns.
There's a lot of Southern Gospel music running through the book as well, so I thought I would try my hand at the sentiment, if not the style. Lots of hymn/song titles throughout the book, only a few of them existent (many attributed to an arcane book of hymns sung by the Only Men), others favorites compellingly sung by the Inspriations. They, and my favorite fictional song title from the book, "Time Of My Time' were the inspiration for the latter half of the composition.
Free download HERE

Now available on YouTube, a beautifully synchronicitous video setting by Phil Abrams. Hard to tell which came first, the video or the music? Lest we forget, the book was/is the font.
See the video HERE

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