MAD WORLD @ Jordan Hall, 2009.10.03
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Monday, 05 October 2009 13:05
We had our opening taping of From the Top's 10th Anniversary Season in Boston yesterday @ Jordan Hall; huge turnout and phenomenal kids performing. For my break-piece, I rolled out an arrangement I did this past summer, one of those songs that wouldn't leave my head til I'd made it work on piano, MAD WORLD. Originally a Tears for Fears song, I took my inspiration from the Michael Andrews performance as heard on the Donnie Darko soundtrack (so now I've done a cover-of-a-cover?), and subsequently popularized further by Adam Lambert on American Idol. I think this was FTT-announcer, Joanne Robinson's fave thing I've ever done.
You can download it here.
Anonymous 2009-10-06

Very nice.
Thank you for the downloads
MysterZee 2009-10-06

Chris - love the new site and wanted to thank you for continuing to offer free
downloads of your latest recordings! It pays off because it definitely keeps
this devoted follower interested, continuing to purchase your CD's and surely
seeing you in concert every time that you come around to Minneapolis.

thanks so much!
Mad World, & site
Danielle Woerner 2009-10-06

Hi Chris, this is a beautiful, soulful rendition of one of my favorite pop

And I enjoy visiting your site! The visuals merged with
the music in the way you've done it, make for a rewarding

All best,
chris 2009-10-06

thanks, all!
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