Songs to a Seagull; 4 songs from the eponymous Joni Mitchell debut album arranged for the San Francisco Girls Chorus
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Saturday, 21 July 2012 18:14
i was commissioned this year to make a suite of arrangements to be performed by me and the San Francisco Girls Chorus. it was an incredible pleasure for me to have such wonderful work by the girls and Brandon in bringing these performances to life. what an honour to have them be so faithful to Joni's phrasing (hard to notate, but worth the translation and the inhabiting of the phrasing they acheived).
there was beautiful video shot of the premiere, but i'm new to that medium, and haven't figured out how to cut the unedited video into chapter-sized seperate files. i'll get those up on YouTube as soon as i can.
meanwhile, here are the free mp3s of the premiere performance:

i had a king

the pirate of penance

song to a seagull

cactus tree

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